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The State Capitol Building


Capitol & Grounds, ca. 1906 Colorado State & Territorial Capitols (© 1905) Colorado State Capitol Colorado State Capitol, Denver Golden~Silver State Capitol & Grounds
No. 1504, Closing Era, Bronze Statue and Facade of Capitol, Denver, Colo. Columbine and State Capitol, Denver, Colorado Pioneer Monument & State Capitol 108--State Capitol from Civic Center, Denver, Colorado
The Colorado State Capitol. Denver, Col. 15437.  Snow Scene Capitol and Grounds, Denver, Colorado Capitol by Moonlight, ca. 1907-1915 State Capitol Dome Illuminated at Night, Denver, Colorado Capitol at Night © 1913

Civic Center Complex
CIVIC CENTER FROM CAPITOL DOME CIVIC CENTER AT NIGHT, DENVER, COLORADO CITY AND COUNTY BUILDING, DENVER, COLO. Denver City & County Building at Christmas United States Mint, Denver, Colorado. United States Mint, Denver, Colo. (1909)
New Pulic Library, Denver. Public Library and North Section of the Civic Center, Denver Colorado, City  and County Building in Background. THE PIONEER MONUMENT, DENVER, COLORADO.
  137 - The Greek Theatre, Civic Center, Denver, Colorado Open Air Theatre, Civic Center, Denver, Colorado. Glimpse of State Capitol from Greek Theatre, Civic Center, Denver, Colorado  

"Bird's Eye" Views
DENVER BUSINESS DISTRICT DENVER RETAIL SECTION (ca. late 1930s-early '40s) DENVER UNION STOCK YARDS AEROPLANE VIEW BUSINESS DISTRICT DENVER & 100 MILES OF COLO. MOUNTAIN PEAKS 144 - Panorama from the Air of the Civic Center and Business District, Denver, Colorado

Street Scenes
Welcome Aarc & Union Depot, Denver, Colo. The Welcome Arch and 17th St. at Union Depot, Denver, Colo. LOOKING UP 17TH STREET 17TH STREET PRE-1907 South End of 17th Street, Denver, Colo. Seventeenth Street, Denver, Colo.; Looking South From Arapahoe Street.
17TH ST. FROM GLENARM ST. Brown Hotel, Denver, Colo. Looking Down 17th Street and Broadway (1907) LOOKING DOWN 16TH ST. Looking Down 16th Street, Denver LOOKING DOWN 16TH STREET (1959) 16th Street, Denver, looking South Toward State Capitol (Denver, CO)
Looking Down 17th St., Denver, Colo. A 16th St. Scene, Denver, Colo. Tabor Grand Opera House. Post Office. 16TH ST. AND D. & F. TOWER D & F TOWER AND 16TH ST 16TH ST. & BUSINESS DISTRICT FROM D. & F. TOWER Fifteenth Street from Arapahoe, Denver, Colo.
16th St., form Stout St., Denver, Colo. 15th and Lawrence Streets, Denver, Colorado Fifteenth Street, Denver, Col.  Looking South from Mining Exchange Building (1907) Curtis Street, looking East, Denver, Colo. Sherman Avenue, Denver, Colo. Private Residences
Broadway, Denver, Colorado; left, Trinity Methodist Church, right, Brown Palace Hotel

Denver at Night
Curtis Street at Night, Denver Sixteenth Street at Night, Denver, Colo.
  Sixteenth Street Looking Toward State Capitol, Denver, Colorado Champa St. at Night, Denver, Colo. Looking up 17th St., Denver, Colo. Curtis Street at Night, Denver  

Buildings of Note
Denver's Auditorium, Erected 1908, Seating Capacity, 12, 000. Municipal Auditorium, Denver, Colorado The Auditorium, Denver. Municipal Organ, Denver, Colo.; Largest Pipe Organ in the U. S. No. 1967.  Auditorium, Denver, Colorado U. S. Customs Building, Denver, Colorado
Mining Exchange Building, Denver, Colo. Denver Gas and Electirc Building Daniels and Fisher Tower, Denver, Colo. Daniel's & Fisher Tower, Denver, Colo. Added new info 1/13/2009
Telephone Building, Denver, Colo.
E & C Building, Denver, Colo.
Court House and Fountain, Denver, Colorado Court House, Denver, Colorado Post Office, Denver, Colorado (1907) 1657.  Old Postoffice, Denver, Colorado Union Depot Denver Colo Union Station, Denver, Colorado
The Denver Club, Denver, Colorado 697  The Denver Club, Denver, Colorado El Jabel Temple Dedication of Elks Club Colorado Building, Denver, Colorado 16042. Colorado National Bank, Denver, Colo.
Young Woman's Christian Association, Cor. 18th and Sherman Ave., Denver, Colo. (1909) The Young Woman's Christian Association [far right] with Proposed Addition, 18th and Lincoln, Denver, Colo. (1913) Y. M. C. A. Building, Denver, Colo. Denver Dry Goods, Denver, Colorado Herrick's Book Store, Charles Building, Denver, Colorado American Bank and Trust Co., Denver, Colo.
The State Museum Colorado State Museum, Denver THE NEW CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUILDING, DENVER, COLO. First National Bank Building, Denver, Colo. Mrs. C. L. Adams' Memorial Home, The Oakes Home, Chapel of Our Merciful Savior.  Denver, Colorado 131 - Post Office and Federal Building, Denver, Colorado

Adams Hotel, Denver CO
The Albany Hotel, Denver, Col. The Albany Hotel, Denver, Colo. Ambassador Hotel, Denver, CO Auditorium Hotel, Denver Brown Palace, Metropole and Savoy Hotels, Denver
Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado The Brown Hotel, Denver, Colo. Brown Palace Hotel & Annex (1960s) The Brown Palace Hotel; The address of the West; Where the world registers Brown Palace Lobby The Cosmopolitan, Denver, Colo.
Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver, Colo. The Denver Hilton Hotel De Soto, Denver 2. Hotel Metropole and Broadway Theatre, Denver
Oxford Hotel and New Annex Park Lane Hotel Shirley Hotel, Denver, Colo. Shirley Savoy Hotel, Denver, Colo. Standish Hotel St. Rosa's Home for Working Girls, Denver, Colorado

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