Caption across bottom front:
Denver, Colo., Birds Eye View of Denver, Colo. from State Captiol Building.
NOTE:  This photo was taken facing north-west.  The street running
diagonally across the lower left hand corner of the scene is Colfax Avenue.
The street running at a slight diagonal from left to right across the photo
is Broadway.  To the right of center is another street pointint toward the
mountains; that is 16th Street.  Just right and below center is a large
building topped with a dome; that is the old, long-gone Court House.


POSTMARK:  DENVER, COLO., NOV 30, 3:30 AM, 1907
Nov. 29. 07
Dear Sister
The weather
is very fine here.
Is it fine in St. Louis?.
Miss Ella Maher
3750 Evans Ave
St. Louis, Mo.