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Unknown Subjects

The photographs on this page were found in a cardboard box at my brother's home in 2010. Neither he nor his wife remember where they acquired the photos. I did recognize a few of the subjects so I feel reasonably certain all of the photographs came from a family member; probably "inherited" from one or two of the most senior generation when they passed away. The photographs of individuals or couples are probably members of the Steinke and/or Sandtner extended families. The photos that are of groups seem to be work related with the exception of one photo that was taken if front of a residence and looks like it was all of the men (and one little boy) who attended a wedding or some similar celebration that day.

They have been posted online in hopes that some member of the family, no matter how distantly related, will be able to identify them. Click on the thumbnail to be taken to a larger version that will also contain as much, or as little, information as is known. Most will have a link on that page that will take you to an enlarged version of the photograph. Use your browser's "BACK" function to return to this page.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the photos even if you are unable to identify any of the subjects.