Benda Family Portrait, 1908  John & Anna Benda, ca. 1930 John & Anna Benda Family Home John & Anna Benda Grave Stone
Leopold & Karoline Benda Hubert Benda
Russell Benda
with parents
Leopold Benda, Jr.

Bloch Homestead "Emily" (Schievelbein) Bloch Anna B. M. Bloch
ca. 1900
Helene Emilie Bloch
Clara Auguste Bloch MORE COMING!

Charles & Julia
Charles & Julia
Adolph Louis Gustafson Adolph Louis &
Carl Victor Gustafson
Carl Gustafson Gus, Carl, Ann
Ann Gustafson
Dave Chuck John Jeff, Denise,
& Diana (1964)

John O. Hammer Christine (Jansen)
Julia Hammer
(Child Portrait)
Julia Hammer
(Child Portrait)
Julia Hammer
(Teen Portrait)
Julia Hammer
(September 1901)

Abel Howard Grave Stone John Todd Clark Howard Wilbur Ernest &
Willard William Howard
Charles Frederick Howard Family
Wilbur E. Howard & Rebecca Reed
Wedding Portrait - 1883
Wilbur E. Howard Family Portrait
Ralph H Howard
June 1907
Maude & Bertha Howard
Ralph H Howard & Minnie Benda
Wedding Portrait - 1908
Ralph & Minnie
ca. 1933
Ralph & Minnie
50th wedding anniversary

George Ernst Sandtner Sandtner baby Family Portrait
(ca. 1918-1919)
Simon & Clara (Miller)
Greorge & Johanna
Simon P. & Clara

Newspaper photos & article.
Teresa A. Sandtner & Fred C. Steinke
Fred C. & Teresa A. Steinke
Golden Wedding Aniversary
George E. Steinke - toddler (2) George E. & Fred W. Steinke
ca. 1912
Louise Marie Steinke
ca. 1920
Louise Marie Steinke
First Communion
Louise Marie Steinke
Age 17
Louise Marie (Steinke) Wichmann
George & Geraldine (Maley) Steinke
Wedding Portrait - 1937
Sgt. Fred W. Steinke
ca. 1944
Louis Leonard Steinke MORE COMING!

Oscar Edward &
Bertha Helene (Bloch) Wichmann

14 June 1916
Alvin Edward Wichmann
ca. 1936
Leonard Oscar Wichmann
ca. 1938
Alvin Edward Wichmann
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