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Rarey Family Cemetery
Madison Township,
Franklin County, Ohio

Rarey Family Cemetery, Madison Township, Franklin County, OH

Gravestone Photographs

The Rarey Family Cemetery is located about 2 miles south of Groveport, on the west side of Braun Road near the end of Rarey Road.  It was established for the family of patriarch, Charles Rarey. Though most references state that the cemetery was established in 1826 with the death of Charles Rarey, there are earlier burials as can be seen in the photographs. This is a complete photographic inventory with notes and inscription details provided by and .

Charles Rarey (Carl Rorig) was born in 1744 at Mittelsinn, near Obersinn, Germany, and came to America aboard the ship Britannia, from Rotterdam to Portsmouth to Philadelphia, PA, arriving on Oct. 26, 1767. The Ship's Log gives his name as CARL RORIG, and his Will is also signed that way, although all family members in North America anglicized the name to RAREY. Charles lived first in Pennsylvania, where he married Margaret WOLF. They then moved to Rockingham County, Virginia and came to Ohio about 1799. They settled in the Groveport area in 1806. Charles died January 3rd 1826 at 82 years of age, and his wife, Margaret Wolf Rarey died October 20, 1839.

According to Williams Bros. publishers, History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties, Ohio with Illustrations & Biographcical Sketches (1880), page 441:

"Charles Rarey settled in Madison township in 1806, removing from Virginia, whence he came from Germany. He settled about two miles south of where Groveport now stands, purchasing the north half of section number four, and the south half of thirty-three. He occupied the farm on which he settled until his death. His children were: John, Adam, Charles, Benjamin, Parker, George, William, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Christina, all now deceased. Catharine became the wife of Philip Pontius; Elizabeth married Thomas Harmon; and Christina married Rev. John Solomon, an early Methodist preacher of Madison; John Rarey removed to Indiana; Charles, Benjamin, William, and Parker, all reside[d] where the family first settled, William occupying the homestead; George lived in Pickaway county; Adam Rarey married Catharine Pontius, and settled where the Rarey mansion now stands, in Groveport. He kept a tavern there in his log house when the road was only marked by blazed trees. He afterwards erected a brick tavern. He was the father of John S. Rarey, the celebrated horse tamer. The mansion referred to was erected by John S. Rarey. Two daughters of Adam Rarey, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Whetsel, now reside near Groveport."

Webmaster's Note:  I want to thank Elsie Rarey of Lancaster, Ohio and Kaye Steward, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for all the assistance they have given and for much of the material provided here.  It was a pleasure to photograph this well kept family graveyard and to "meet" such helpful ladies.  Many thanks, to both of you!

Aerial Photo of Cemetery,
Spring 2004 (133KB)



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To assist in compiling a complete list of burials in the cemetery, the stones were "read" by Elsie Rarey. She also consulted two published references: The History Of Madison Township (Bareis, 1902, p. 467), and Vol. II, Franklin County, Ohio Cemeteries, Madison Township, page 51, compiled by the Franklin County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society, April 1981.

  • Durant, Charles W. H., son of James & Ann (Rarey), died Aug 17, 1841, aged 11 mo 18 [or 13] ds (HRV 237KB)
  • Finch, Juliette I., dau of E H & E, died ___ __, 1851, aged 3 years (HRV 182KB)
    • Daughter of E. H. & Elizabeth (Rarey) Finch; granddaughter of Benjamin & Mary (Kramer) Rarey
  • Gares
    • Henry C., died Sept 23, 1853, aged 13 months [son of Edmund and Amanda (Rarey) Gares] (HRV 284KB--Smaller Version)
    • Amanda, wife of Edmd, died Dec 2, 1866, aged 34 yrs 8 mo & 16 d; Allie, dau of E & A, died Nov 28, 1866, aged 7 yrs 9 mo & 10 ds; and, still on same stone, Edmund, 1828-1903 (Whole stone)
      • Amanda was the daughter of William & Rachel (Havely) Rarey
      • Edmund was the son of Samuel & Louisa (Phile) Gares
      • Inscription:  In memories heart is cherished; Her parting words in accent given; While in that last fond look at her; I go - meet me in heaven.
  • Rarey (Listed in order taken)
    • Sarah S., daughter of Parker & Sarah (Burgett), died 1837, aged 10 years
      • No stone in evidence; could be one of the illegible stones listed on this page.
    • Joseph [M. Tr]imble, son of Parker & Sarah (Burgett), died June 1, 1817, aged 4 yrs 4 mo 11 d (HRV 227KB)
      • Sleep on Sweet boy and take thy rest for such as you the saviour blest.
    • __or___ine (HRV 220KB)
    • Illegible name, daughter of ____ [R]arey (HRV 149KB)
    • In memory of Emanuel, son of Benjamin & Mary (Arnold). Was born Jun 10th, 1823, & died Feb 27th, 1826 (HRV 158KB)
      • He's gone to Heaven above to join the angels in perfect love.
    • Servitus, son of Benjamin & Mary, died Feb 12, 1855, aged 17 yrs 8 mo 2 da (Whole stone; HRV 215kb)
      • Killed in a wheat elevator in Groveport.
    • Laura Ann, d[aught]ter of [Laypole &] Mary (Stage), Oct [4, 1845]-June 24, 1844]
    • Rachel J., daughter of Charles & Mary (Kramer), died [Aug] 1, 1836, aged ___ 15 ds (HRV 111KB)
    • Illegible (HRV 129KB)
    • In memory of Elizabeth, daughter of Charles & Mary (Kramer) Rarey. Was born Feb 3d 1821 & died Jan 17th, 1826 (HRV 104KB)
    • Charles W., son of Charles & Mary (Kramer), was born May 20, 1831, died Aug 16 [11?], 1846, aged 15 y 2m & 25 ds
      • Full name, Charles Wesley Rarey
    • Sarah E., dau of Charles & Mary (Kramer) Rarey, died ___ __, 1851, aged 17y 10 d] (HRV 189KB)
    • Broken [probably Mary (Kramer) Rarey, wife of Rev. Charles Rarey, died Apr 3, 1868, aged 73y 11m 7d]
    • Rev. Charles, died Sept 3, 1847 in the 63 year of his age (HRV 161KB)
      • Rev. Charles Rarey, minister at Hopewell Methodist Church, was the son of Charles & Margaret (Wolf) Rarey.
      • Married Mary Kramer on 14 Aug 1815.
    • Margaret (Wolf), died Oct 20, 1839, aged 71 [or 74] yrs (HRV 168KB)
    • In memory of Charles Rarey. Who departed this life Jan 3d AD 1826, aged 82 years (HRV 117KB)
      • In memory of Charles Rarey who departed this life Jan 3 AD 1826 aged 82 yrs. His native country was in Germany where he left his parents and came to America; raised a family by his wife, in number ten; he provided for them, when they were small, and by the help of God he raised them all. He's done with sorrow, care and pain and gone, we trust, with Christ to reign
    • Benjamin, died [5 Nov 1841]
      • Son of Charles & Margaret (Wolf) Rarey, born 1790; married Mary "Polly" Arnold.
    • Broken, could be a footstone
    • Broken; illegible
    • George W., son of William & Rachel (Havely), died May 28, 1850, aged 15 years 7 months & 29 days (Whole stone)
      • Full name George Washington Rarey
    • Lafayette, son of William & Rachel (Havely), died August 29, 1845, aged 13 years 5 months & 13 days (Whole stone)
    • Wm., died May 7, 1848, aged 49 ys and, on same stone, Rachel (Havely), wife of Wm., Sep 18, 1806-June 27, 1894 (Rubbing; HRV (287KB)
      • Son of Charles & Margaret (Wolf) Rarey, born 20 Jul 1799
    • Francis Marion, son of Nicholas & Sarah Ann (Johnson), died May 17, 1848, aged 1 yr 9 m & 7 ds (HRV 96KB)
      • Grandson of Parker & Sarah (Burgett) Rarey
    • Broken Lamb, no inscription
    • Mary Stage, daughter of Benjamin & Hannah Stage, died Aug 2, 1900, aged 83 yr 10m 16 d (HR detail 152KB)
      • Mary Stage, daughter of Benjamin & Hannah (Hughes) Stage, was the wife of Laypole Rarey
      • After the death of her first husband, Laypole Rarey, Mary married, as his third wife, William H. Rarey.
    • Laypole, son of Charles & Mary (Kramer), died Apr[i]l 4, 1860, aged 42 yrs 5 m 19d, Mason (Whole stone)
    • William, son of Laypole & Mary, died Oct 29, 1853, aged 2 years 9 mon & 19 days (HRV 218KB)
    • Edgar, son of L & M S, died April 5, 1857, aged 6 weeks
    • Virginia A. (Wright), 1868-1953
      • Wife of Winfield V.; hers was the last interment in the cemetery.
    • Winfield V., 1869-1916
      • Son of Gamaliel & Margret (Marcy) Rarey; grandson of Parker & Sarah (Burgett) Rarey
    • Edward Everett, 1858-1907
      • Son of Gamaliel & Margret (Marcy) Rarey
    • Parker, died July 2, 1870, aged 76 years, 4 mos and Sarah (Burgett), died Apr 22, 1875, aged 76 yrs (Whole stone)
      • Son of Charles & Margaret (Wolf) Rarey
      • Parker Rarey's home was the Parsonage for Hopewell Methodist Church for many years.
    • Carrington H., June 22, 1840-Sept 1, 1879 and Caroline L. ("Carrie" Clark), July 12, 1843-July 21, 1877 (Whole stone)
      • Carrington Hunter, was a son of Parker & Sarah (Burgett) Rarey
    • Gamaliel S., Nov 1, 1827-Apr 27, 1891, aged 63y 5m 26d and, on same stone, Mother Margaret E., 1935-1913 (HRV 260KB)
      • Under the beautiful willow, God's blue sky above with the fragrant blossoms your spirit took its flight, the Angel gently whispered, mortal your work is done. Tenderly they bore you to the waiting ones above.
  • Scott, Alexander, Nov 27, 1831-Sept 30, 1867 (Whole stone)
    • Husband of Marthann Rarey, who was a daughter of Parker & Sarah (Burgett) Rarey
  • Solomon
    • Christina, wife of Rev. John F., died July 8, 1860, aged 75 years (Whole stone)
      • She was for more than forty years a member of the M. E. church.
      • Daughter of Charles & Margaret (Wolf) Rarey, she married John F. Solomon on 27 Jul 1819.
    • Rev. John F., died Feb 2, 1848, aged 63 yrs 10 ms & 17ds (Whole stone)
      • Full name John Fleming Solomon
      • He was a man of few words, a uniformly pious and exemplary Christian and for 35 years he was a faithful and useful minister of the gospel

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