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Greenlawn Abbey
(aka Columbus Mausoleum)
Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

Greenlawn Abbey (aka Columbus Cemetery), Columbus, Ohio

Greenlawn Abbey, built in 1927, is also known as Columbus Cemetery Association, is located at 700 Greenlawn Avenue, about a block west of Harmon Avenue.  It is the final resting place of Howard Thurston (1869-1936) the magician.  Local legend says that Thurston's ghost haunts the abbey.  The abbey is not connected with Green Lawn Cemetery in any way and is owned by Columbus Cemetery Association, not the Green Lawn Cemetery Association.

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Greenlawn Abbey now has its own Website -- http://www.greenlawnabbey.org/.

Aerial Photo of Green Lawn Abbey,
Spring 2004

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NOTE:  All veteran information supplied by the Franklin County recorder's Veteran Grave Registration.
  • Abbott, Lydia A. (Law), 24 Apr 1854-30 Jun 1939 (Funeral Notice)
    • Dates and maiden name from death certificate no. 36877
  • Giffin, George Ellis, died 19 Nov 1931 [Section A, Crypt 4, Corridor 1, north side]
    • Spanish American War veteran--Army
  • Gilliam
    • David Tod, 3 Apr 1848-2 Oct 1923 (Death Certificate)
      • Dr. Gilliam was originally interred at Green Lawn Cemetery section 48 lot 30, but was later removed (24 Nov 1928) to Greenlawn Abbey.
    • Lucinda Ellen (Mintun), 19 Apr 1847-18 Feb 1931 (Death Certificate)
  • Hertenstein, Mary A., 18 Feb 1857-2 Jan 1937 (Death Certificate and obituary)
  • Hill, Ralph D., died in 1931 [Section D, Crypt 3, Corridor 1, north side]
    • World War I veteran--Navy
  • Karb, George J., 15 Feb 1858-15 May 1937 (Funeral notice)
    • Two time mayor of Columbus (1891-1894 and again 1912-1914); Franklin County sheriff, 1902-1909
  • Kemmler
  • Kindle, William A., died in 1930 [Section 16, Crypt 1, Corridor 2, east side]
    • World War I veteran--Coast Guard
  • Rabourn, Allen, died 1930 [Section 31, Crypt 3, Corridor 3, south side]
    • World War I veteran--Army
  • Rector, Florence Kenyon Hayden, 1872-1973
    • Architect; first female architectural student at OSU; designed Oxley Hall at OSU
  • Reinert
  • Sells, Lewis, 12 Nov 1841-5 Sep 1907
    • Co-owner of Sells Bros. Circus (See article: Circus Town found in the Short North Gazette)
    • Originally buried at Green Lawn, Section 56 Lot 27S
  • Smith, George W., died 22 Nov 1948
    • "George W. Smith founded and operated the Home Dancing Academy 1890-1910. Around 1901, he built Smith's Iuka Gardens, a combination skating rink and dance hall, at 4th Street and Northwood Avenue."--Columbus Metro Library Photo Collection
  • Swisher

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