Combined Index for Franklin County, Ohio Cemeteries, Volumes I - XI

A publication of the Franklin County Chapter The Ohio Genealogical Society (Columbus, 1980 - 1997)

This combined index compiled by David K. Gustafson & Leona L. Gustafson
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IMPORTANT COMPILERS' NOTES: As much as we hate to admit it, there are errors in this index. Some errors were found in the original source volumes and corrected; some errors were inadvertently included, and some are probably the result of our own mistakes. Should you stumble on one, or a dozen errors, please, contact the so that corrections can be made.

This index is an every name list of all names appearing in the eleven volume set of books, Franklin County, Ohio Cemeteries, that was compiled and published between 1980 and 1997 by the members of the Franklin County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society. The first ten volumes were compiled between 1980 and 1988. In 1997 volume eleven, Corrections and Addenda, was compiled and published. In some instances the same name will appear in the original volume and again in volume eleven. The first ten volumes were compiled by townships as follows:
Vol. I - Mifflin & Marion Townships (1980)
Vol. II - Madison Township (1981)
Vol. III - Jefferson & Truro Townships (1981)
Vol. IV - Blendon & Plain Townships (1981)
Vol. V - Sharon & Perry Townships (1983)
Vol. VI - Washington, Clinton, Montgomery & Brown Townships (1983)
Vol. VII - Norwich Township (1984)
Vol. VIII - Prairie & Franklin Townships (1984)
Vol. IX - Hamilton Township (1987)
Vol. X - Jackson & Pleasant Townships (1988)
Vol. XI - Corrections & Addenda (1997)
No cemetery that was established after 1920 is included in these volumes, nor are many of the large cemeteries that are still in use. Among those not included are: Union, Sunset (AKA Memorial Park), Eastlawn, Evergreen, Forest Lawn, Glen Rest, Arlington Field of Honor, Mt. Calvary and St. Joseph Catholic cemeteries, and perhaps a few that are not listed here. Records for Green Lawn Cemetery, the second largest not-for-profit cemetery in Ohio, were microfilmed and are not listed in the books (See Joe Fleshman's transcribed Green Lawn Cemetery Records - 1848-1981). In some still active cemeteries only burials that occurred before 1920 are recorded. The names included in all volumes came from many sources and not just gravestone "readings." For the most part if a name appears in this index there is a gravestone, or there was one at the time the book was published. One notable exception to this is volume 2, Madison Township; many of the names were taken from George F. Bareis, History of Madison Township, published in 1902. By the time volume 2 was compiled many of the stones found in Mr. Bareis' book were no longer intact or had become unreadable.

Also not included in the published volumes are the mausoleums—Greenlawn Abbey (not affiliated with Green Lawn Cemetery), Amaranth Abbey (now a part of Union Cemetery), and Winchester Abbey.

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All volumes of Franklin County, Ohio Cemeteries are still available for sale from the Franklin County Genealogical Historical Society.

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