Welcome to my genealogy pages.  Allow me to introduce you to the two halves of the Gustafson-Wichmann equation.

My spouse of fifty-eight years is the GUSTAFSON half.  His given name is David Keith, but he is better known as "Gus."  Dave is, I've been told, a computer guru and can never seem to understand why I have any problem with my PC.  He is a multi-talented man whose computer expertise keeps a roof over our heads. His other talents keep that roof from caving in on us and the walls standing in order to brace the roof.  His children, when they were children, called him "The Absent-Minded Professor" or Spock (of "Star Trek" fame) depending what mood they were in.

Dave's roots in this country began with the first European ancestors, who arrived on the Mayflower.  They were George SOULE and John and Elinor (____) BILLINGTON and son, Francis BILLINGTON.  John BILLINGTON had the dubious distinction of being hung for murder in September, 1630 at Plymouth; the first man hung in the colonies.  Dave has ancestors from five of the six New England colonies, plus New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado.  And some made a stop in Bermuda.  Closer to our time are one set of Norwegian great-grandparents, one set of Moravian great-grandparents, and a Swedish grandfather.  That grandfather is responsible for all the "Gus" nick-names.

I am the WICHMANN half; Leona Louise after my uncle, Leonard, and my mother, Louise.  I'm a domestic engineer, a.k.a. a housewife, who has at various times held an outside job.  I'm obsessed with climbing trees--family trees.  One of the many passions in my life is to learn all I can of my ancestry and my husband's. When I'm not trying to find additional information about our heritage I love to assist others in their search.

My American heritage is relatively recent.  Two sets of my g-g-grandparents accompanied their grown children to this country from Germany.  One set of my great-grandparents came from Austria (near Italy) and the rest came from various parts of Germany.  Some of them started out in Nebraska.  They all eventually resided in the Denver, Colorado area.  Those Austrians and one family from Germany have eluded me for over thirty years.  I've been much more fortunate with the others.

Some of the things that will eventually appear on these pages are:

   Dave's Mayflower ancestors.
      George Soule
      John Billington
   Revolutionary War ancestors.
   War of 1812 ancestors.
   Civil War relatives.
   Denver's history in postcards. My personal vintage postcard collection.


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